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Who We Are

"Its a long way to the top if want to rock n' roll." - Bon Scott

Rack House Rebellion (RHR) is a Texas-based rock and roll band. The band was initially formed in 2015 by guitarist Derrick Carlson and drummer Gregg Dixon. The band’s blues roots mix with the influence of 80’s metal to create a distinctive Texas hard rock sound. Rack House Rebellion initially underwent several lineup changes before settling around Carlson on guitar and brothers Gregg and Mark Dixon on drums and rhythm guitar, respectively.

The early days of RHR were very humble. Co-founder Derrick Carlson and bassist Tony Bowler met at a jam session brought together by Derrick's father in law who would routinely play guiter with Tony's father during their lunch breaks at work. When Bowler and Carlson met, the chemistry was immediate. The two bonded over Led Zeppelin, Hootie and the Blowfish, and Guns and Roses covers. Subsequently the two would begin a long standing jam session familiarity that lasted for a number of years.

Similarly, Carlson's familiarity with the Brothers Dixon began as a jam session with a few friend but eventually grew to a more serious group. It was around this time that Mark’s songwriting and vocal charisma eventually landed him the role of lead singer. Carlson later brought in longtime jam session friend Tony “Duke” Bowler to play bass, and Jimmy “JJ” Johnson, Gregg’s childhood friend, would step in to play lead guitar.

Through many years of changing venues, practice spaces and the most recent Coronavirus quarantine, Rack House Rebellion has managed to stay together and remain comitted to entertaining audiences with exciting takes on old classics as well as their own material.

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Sub Continent

The County Line Bar and Grill

15th October - 2022 - 6:00PM

Richmond, TX

Meet the Band

Rockers of many socks.

Mark Dixon

Lead Vocals/ Harmonica

Mark Dixon has been performing in front of crowds most of his life. Often having been invited to do so. He has always enjoyed singing, but one day hopes to feel comfortable calling himself a real musician. As part of Rackhouse Rebellion, his voice's authoritative southern growl and bare bones harp stylings give the band their signiature sound.

Derrick Carlson


Derrick Carlson is the co-founder and lead guitarist for RHR. The Chicago native has been a consummate musician and entertainer for decades. Never too far away from a guitar, Derrick rarely blinks at an opportunity to either start a party or keep one going. With RHR he brings a unique mix of classic outlaw country and blue eyed soul to the stage.

Gregg Dixon


Gregg's drum beats are the heartbeat to RHR's driving rock sound. When he's behind his signiature Pearl kit, nothing is safe, not even his own fingers! On top of being the co-founder of the band, this Houston native is also be considered the band's manager. He schedules most of the band's gigs, which coincidently always seem to occur just before or after all of Houston's major sporting events.

Tony "Duke" Bowler


Filling out the rhythm section for RHR is Tony Bowler. The long time jam session musician initially cut his teeth playing in dive bars around Austin, TX. With Rack House he ejoys the role of "Musical Director" putting his ADHD fueled brain and odd ability to recall pieces of music that date back to the 50's to work coming up with bizarre mashups and musical arragements for the band.

Jimmy "JJ" Johnson


Often referred to as "The Singing Eagle of Freedom," Johnson's face melting guitar work has has become synonymous with the Rack House sound. The JJ's work extends beyond the stage as well. His work as a luthier has helped build several guitars for himself and the rest of the band.

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